Trying times

Good Times and Bad

Through good times and bad you've been there
you’ve been there

I’ve felt your arms surrounding me
Holding and uplifting me
Surrounding me with your peace, sheer peace

Showing me others who have been through worse
Much worse than I

You kept my head above water
Well above water
When others would surely drown

Even when I felt like a clown
You showed me one day I would wear a crown
So I needn’t wear a frown, because that wouldn’t suit
My coming crown

No matter what I went through, good times or bad, I always felt you were with me even when I didn’t know how to respond or accept the inner peace. Or maybe I wasn’t ready to accept peace. I always seemed to struggle and stay on the negative. Maybe I put up the brick wall purposely to continue my daily battle. In the beginning stages of growing I filled myself with the continual question of why? Why was I here? Why did things happen? Why are some blind? while others could see? Maybe we are all like that: we begin life searching until we find what we are looking for, to fill the gaping hole in one’s inner soul

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Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books

Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books
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