Clips from my new book will be published soon

Peace surrounds us if we just sit still
Close ones eyes and allow our bodies to relax
Feel each and every inward muscle begin to loosen
And cushion to the surface beneath
Sense your breath with its inner and outer motion stretch
Jump up brush off smile and begin again

Thoughts wanting to fly to greener pasture
As life seems brighter on the other side

If we could just hide for a while
Maybe a new kind of peace we could find


A clip from my first book

The garden so peaceful and delightful
Such radiance radiates around me
Such peace and love within me
Excitement rushing out of me
If only you could see this sheer beauty
That shines around me

His face brightly lit like nothing ever seen
The sweet smell that delights in me
I never want this to end
The words ‘your time’s not yet’
Saddens my heart
Brings tears to my eyes
But why is my cry?


A clip from my Book With Thanks

Lost in the depths of fear
Constantly looking behind,
Racing on,

With a heart beating
Only a weakness can be found,

Pushing through the walls surrounding
Finding strength I can hardly bear
With shoulders wade down, I tally on
Until destiny appears

Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books

Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books
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