Milk Cup performance

The patterns of play performed by Ester Vivien and Kelly from the Echo, Echo Dance Company and Moria, Nula and Julie from Luminous Soul Dance. Choreographed by Janie Doherty from the Echo, Echo Dance Company
All the performers
Ester and Kelly
Moria and myself


Organised Choas

Luminous Soul performance of Organised Choas in Belfast.


Luminous Souls Dance

A spectacular dance performance by the Open Arts Luminous Souls Dance Project in Northern Ireland in May 2011. Dancers from across the country, with the help and inspiration of the Candoco Dance Company, have been engaged in various residential workshops over the last year. The project is most gratefull to help from various groups, including Arts Council Northern Ireland, Connections, The Legacy Trust UK , and Inspiration 2012

Trying times

Good Times and Bad

Through good times and bad you've been there
you’ve been there

I’ve felt your arms surrounding me
Holding and uplifting me
Surrounding me with your peace, sheer peace

Showing me others who have been through worse
Much worse than I

You kept my head above water
Well above water
When others would surely drown

Even when I felt like a clown
You showed me one day I would wear a crown
So I needn’t wear a frown, because that wouldn’t suit
My coming crown

No matter what I went through, good times or bad, I always felt you were with me even when I didn’t know how to respond or accept the inner peace. Or maybe I wasn’t ready to accept peace. I always seemed to struggle and stay on the negative. Maybe I put up the brick wall purposely to continue my daily battle. In the beginning stages of growing I filled myself with the continual question of why? Why was I here? Why did things happen? Why are some blind? while others could see? Maybe we are all like that: we begin life searching until we find what we are looking for, to fill the gaping hole in one’s inner soul


Luminous Soul Dance Residential with Candoco. Click here to go to Candoco's Web page

2 photos that were taken this week one with Tara throwing me in the air and one of me leaning on Brooks back


need advice or someone to talk to click here to go to women's aid

Freedom Received

Thud, bash
You’re just another punch bag
Continuous taunting, haunting
Spoken words buried deep inside

Cages unlock old iron, gates creak
Pushing and pushing
Finding an inner strength
Tears flow with an unstoppable flood gate

Happiness is seen only in dreams
Get out while you still can is the panicked voice ringing in your ears

Your peace begins as the door slowly opens to new things
An open arm; a gentle smile, a caring hug is all that’s need to start the healing

By Julie Richmond


Started my next book

Title In The Eyes Of A Child

It was a cold winters night, a night she would never forget. Here she is. Oh here’s her things just incase we won't be long. The door gently closes behind,


Spent today in the Northern Sound Studio, in Cavan recording some of my writing along with fellow Fermanagh Authors’ Association members

Dianne Ascroft; Vicky Herbert, Sean McElgunn, in Cavan Town for the afternoon. We were invited to Nothern Sound Radio to record some of our stories for a radio programme that DJ Karina Charles was preparing. Click on the writing above my photo to find out more.


A Great Thank you to The Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company Click here to go to their web page and the back arrow to return to blog

Here I am. Here at home, thinking on the times we had. We danced we leapt we laughed we cried with lots of fun. With many shapes and twist and turns cuts and bruises not forgetting skin burns. We’re left with a love in our hearts that will never die just grow founder each and every day. Nice group hugs were had by many just like one big happy family. We’re now left with a greater knowledge of many things a sense of self yes our inners selves too. Here look!! What I can now do.

Thank you I will never forget this week Love to you all Sally Miriam & Julia

Lv Julie


The 1 Foot SQ in the Clinton Centre in Enniskillen was on the 4th of Dec to the 21st of Dec 09

A photo taken of me beside my work the top picture is called Litter.
The bottom picture is called Moving On. Click above my photo on the 1 foot SQ which will take you to more of my work.


Fermanagh Miscellany 2009,book launch, Enniskillen Library

The Fermanagh Authors’ Association launched our third anthology,
Diane is Sitting in the middle of the photo, Click on the Title above to go to Diane's Write up

A part of my story that is published in the 2009 Fermanagh Miscellany

I stood alone as I waved goodbye, well not really but it felt that way. Tears flowed one by one sliding down my cheek, dripping down my neck. I felt my face getting warmer as a selfish anger began to rise within. All I wanted was to scream but all I did was stand and look around. Placing my hand on my abdomen I inwardly sighed, it’s just you and I, my son, until the end of this war draws nigh.


Clips from my new book will be published soon

Peace surrounds us if we just sit still
Close ones eyes and allow our bodies to relax
Feel each and every inward muscle begin to loosen
And cushion to the surface beneath
Sense your breath with its inner and outer motion stretch
Jump up brush off smile and begin again

Thoughts wanting to fly to greener pasture
As life seems brighter on the other side

If we could just hide for a while
Maybe a new kind of peace we could find


A clip from my first book

The garden so peaceful and delightful
Such radiance radiates around me
Such peace and love within me
Excitement rushing out of me
If only you could see this sheer beauty
That shines around me

His face brightly lit like nothing ever seen
The sweet smell that delights in me
I never want this to end
The words ‘your time’s not yet’
Saddens my heart
Brings tears to my eyes
But why is my cry?


A clip from my Book With Thanks

Lost in the depths of fear
Constantly looking behind,
Racing on,

With a heart beating
Only a weakness can be found,

Pushing through the walls surrounding
Finding strength I can hardly bear
With shoulders wade down, I tally on
Until destiny appears


Filming in RTE

The filming in RTE

The dance group RTE

The whole Group

Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books

Where There's Hope There's Healing , one of my published books
Click on the Book cover